To join the group please contact Lal Nallath +97155 509 7070

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To join the group please contact Lal Nallath +97155 509 7070

All about FSO Photography club


Lal Nallath is a veteran Dubai based photographer who has been a part of the communication business in the city since 1992. Over the years, he honed his passion for photography and currently engages in professional photography. Lal specialises in Industrial and architecture photography. 

He is a self taught photographer who has gone through a lot of hardships while learning photography. However these days, he’s all for passing on his knowledge and experience of  this great art form. 

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How we got started

In 2009 Lal started driving around the UAE, every Friday morning and started taking photographs. In 2010 a few of his friends joined him. Within no time, the group started multiplying and now FSO has more than 1000 active members and more than 6000 Facebook followers.

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Upcoming Event

Please check here to see the next week’s FSO activity. 

This week we are going to Bull Fight in Fujairah

Every week we go to a different location with in or outside UAE. We had covered more than 80 locations in UAE and Oman. Some of favorites spots are Zakher Lake - Abudhabi, Wathba Fossil rocks - Abudhabi, Al Aqqa Beach - Fujairah, Jabal Jais - Ras al khaimah, Buraq Dam -  Ras al khaimah.

We plan it ahead so that every one can organize their Fridays wisely.

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Members on recent Street photography workshop

Navprith Komal

Thanks very much Sreeranj Sreedhar,  for sharing your valuable knowledge on Street Photography principles  and Do's and don'ts. It  will help in my growth towards being a better  photographer. Thank you Lal Nallath for organizing a great workshop.  Learnt a lot in these 2 days and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Vijay Bahadur

 Many thanks Sreeranj and Lal for the insights and sharing your learning & Thoughts

Pratheeksh Raj

 Thanks  a lot Sreeranj Sreedhar for sharing his thoughts and tips to us  ..definitely it will take us to next level we will miss him and special  thanks to Lal Nallath to conduct this event.

Shijeesh Sahadevan

 Very informative and helpful workshop on the details of street photography! thank you Sreeranj Sreedhar and Lal Nallath for conducting this and the tips shared!

Hari Menon Workshop

Hari Menon Workshop

This video is taken during the workshop.

Hari Menon is an instinctive photographer, his magical  touch is evident in the numerous photos he has taken ranging from  stills to faces, and abstract to reality. He is known to capture images  from day to day life and render them immortal. His play of colours and  shapes in the photos he clicks talk deeply about his passion and love  for photography.

FSO Mannequin Challenge

This video taken during an FSO just for fun. Video is taken by Arjun Sasi. 

Get yourself Filtered workshop by NiSi

Video taken during the NiSi workshop at the Advanced media Studio in Al Quz.

FSO Al Hayl Fort, Fujairah

Video taken during an FSO event at the Al Hayl Fort, Fujairah

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