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FSO Dibba Beach, Fujairah

This is an interesting curvy beach near the Dibba round about. The sun comes pretty late as it rises behind the mountain and gives plenty of time for the photographers to work with. They could do long shutter shots as the sea is mostly busy.

FSO Bitnah Fort, Model shoot, Masafi

Bitnah fort is located very close to the masafi round about. The texture of the walls are really interesting and its good for a model shoot. FSO organized a model shoot and it was very interesting  you can see from the results

FSO Al Lisaily, Dubai

Lisaily is province you can access from Dubai - Al Ain highway, you can easily see the Lisaily exit about 8 Kms after the Outlet Mall. Lisaily is a perfect place for a photographer to hang out. 

Street Photography Workshop

This event mentored by Sreeranj Sridhar who is a famous Street Photographer in town. We did the workshop at the Al Aweer Vegetable market and the indoor review sessions at the Lighthouse studio in Al Quz.

FSO Al Wathba, Abudhabi

Al Wathba is one of the favorite FSO locations and we had visited quite a few times. The Fossil stone structures and morning light gives you a lot of photography opportunity.

FSO Zakher Lake, Abudhabi

One of the wonders of UAE. A lake right in the middle of the desert. This area is covered with lots of plants and birds gives you plenty of shooting opportunities.

More FSO Tours

FSO Jabal Jais mountain, RAK

Jabal jais mountains in Ras al khaimah are the tallest mountains in the UAE. From the top you could easily see the sea and mountains. Early mornings are mostly beautiful here with foggy mountains.

FSO Kalba, Fujairah

One of the most beautiful sunrises you can find here. There was a section which got closed by the government around 2 years back. This section could be termed as the best place to shoot Sunrise in the UAE.

FSO Bull Fight, Fujairah

A Traditional bull fight take part near the Fujairah beach every friday afternoon. Lots of photography opportunity with lots of bull fight scenes as well as street photography opportunity.

FSO Maleha walk, Sharjah

This could be one of the most tiring FSOs..as you could end up walking 2 to 3 hours on desert which is absolutely difficult. This trip tests your fitness, patience and perseverance. once overcome these hurdles you could achieve really brilliant shots.

FSO Jazira Al Hamra, RAK

The Ghost Village otherwise called. An semi abandoned village may be 20 to 30 years old. Very interesting architecture. Unfortunately recently the RAK government had taken over major parts of this village. Still this can be termed as one of favorite FSO spots.

FSO Nizwa, Oman

400 kms away from Dubai, Nizwa is a small village in Oman. Very beautiful architecture. The souq itself is a photography treasure chest. The light is so brilliant and the activities very traditional Nizwa is an outstanding location.