Anil PS one of the founder members taking pictures at Dibba, Fujairah

The FSO - Full story

How it started

The UAE is full of outstanding roads but in weekdays its all packed with cars. The only day you find the roads free is on a Friday morning (early morning). Just for the love of driving these roads lal started driving around 200 - 300 kms every Fridays. 

These trips took him to many unknown locations around UAE, It was just driving initially and slowly he started taking pictures of the locations. 

one day when Madhu Kunhappan a friend of lal met him in a party and came to know about lal's Friday journeys..and promised to join him in his next trip. 

It was a friday in june 2010 they planned a trip to Dibba mountain area. Couple of other friends also joined him

The first four members of official FSO Tour are :

1. Lal Nallath

2. Madhu Kunhappan

2. Anil Kumar P S

3. Yesudas V George

The following week we had visited The Qanat al qasba area in Sharjah. The tour party consists of 7 members. We had started taking group shots immediately after every FSO. 

Slowly we added members every week and it just started multiplying. Now we have about 1000+ active members and more than 6000 Facebook followers.

Our aim is to make this club the best source of UAE pictures.


2010 June : First FSO to Dibba - Fujairah

2010 October : Second FSO to Qanat al Qasba with 7 members

2011 August : First Studio shoot workshop at RGB Studio.

2011 September : Thiruvananthapura FSO attened by 7 people.

2011 December : First tour to Abudhabi Grand Mosque.

2012 February : Very interesting FSO to Birds of Pray private zoo in Dubai (now closed).

2012 April : FSO team covered Dubai Bride Show officially. 

2012 May : First FSO workshop by Daniel Cheong attened by 18 members.

2012 September : FSO toured to Salalah  -  Oman

2012 November : First tour to Rajasthan

2013 July : Workshop with Enjo Mathew

2013 August : Fashion Workshop with Kashif Joosub

2013 April : The Biggest FSO turnout 71 people turned out that day. The TV Channel Manorama TV channel crew traveled with the group.

2013 November : The first FSO Chit chat session at the NASA Studio, dubai

2014 March : First Hari Menon Workshop.

2014 November : Driven to Wadi Ash shiyah oman.

2015 March : First tour to Barsana Holi

2015 September : FSO Food photography with Dusit Thani

2016 June : Lightroom Workshop with Shameem Sha

2017 February : An Interactive session with Falcons.

2017 June : First Milkyway workshop by Mahmoud Marei

2017 December : Clubbed with NiSi Filters

2017 December : FSO to Nizwa - Oman

2018 January : Clubbed with NIKON and visited Umm al quwain Swamps.

2018 July : FSO Street Photography workshop with Sreeranj Sridhar.

Founder Members

Lal Nallath (Founder)

A professional photographer based in Dubai. 

Madhu Kunhappan (Co-Founder)

A designer & photographer based in Dubai, running his own advertising firm in dubai.

Anil P S

An outstanding illustrator and photographer based in Dubai and Kerala. Running his own Animation studio in Dubai.

Yesuda V George

Excellent illustrator and photographer based in Abudhabi.